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i2p Consulting offers consulting services for the internationalization of companies with a special focus on the Americas.

Full International Business Advisory

In a world full of complexities, where globalization has created invaluable opportunities but has also generated much disruption and with increasing barriers to international trade, companies need to expand into foreign markets as well as to navigate the pitfalls of contemporary international regulatory frameworks. We assist our clients with a combination of services to make them succeed in their international projects and strategies.

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Since our foundation, we have provided consulting services to European companies about doing business or making investments in Latin America as well as for Latin American enterprises interested in partnering with Western companies. In 2018, we partnered with D H Cavanaugh, a NYC-based law firm, to offer business advisory and compliance services for the US market. Also in 2018, with D H Cavanaugh Associates, we founded Latin America 2B, an advisory unit focused on Latin American mining and oil & gas sectors. 

Tel: +39 06 98 960 138 

Email: info@i2p.eu

Via del Falco n.34, Rome, 00193

i2p Consulting was founded in 2011 as a company devoted to providing a variety of services to companies working in international markets with a special focus on the Americas.

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